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We believe that working and learning are inseparable and that anyone can keep developing at a personal and a professional level. That is why we started our Academy; to share knowledge and to create more expertise together. We offer different learning and developing trajectories in the field of KYC, from starter to experienced professional. We have specific training programs but are also offering customized training programs and coaching trajectories. Our Academy is available for everyone who wants to grow within the field of KYC!

  • Broad offer of training programs
  • Directly applicatie in practice
  • Experienced trainers out of the field
  • Customized solutions
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Our experienced trainers

At International Compliance Partners we have experienced and passionate trainers. Our trainers offer personal attention and make sure that you can learn as much as possible and can successfully finish the study modules.

They daily work in the field of KYC and because of their years of experience they love to share their knowledge and skills. You will learn what is really going on in the field and how you can apply this knowledge in your work.

Our trainers use hands-on examples and cases which allow you to be well-prepared to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our trainers have passion for their work and will convey this to you!

At every level, from theory to practice

During our learning and developing trajectories you will work theoretically and practically with the learning material. Our trajectories are made for a wide group. Are you a starter in the field of CDD? Then you can follow our Training to become a CDD professional. Are you already working as a CDD analyst and are more experienced? Then you can choose to follow, for example, only the E-learning CDD, Practice module CDD or Exam CDD. You can thus see for yourself what fits best to your level. 

Beside our CDD training we also offer an E-learning Introduction CDD for when you work in the sector but do not have to know all the ins and outs. Think about sales employees, Human Resources employees, heads of department, project managers or customer service employees in the field of CDD. During the e-learning you will gain general knowledge about Customer Due Diligence so that you can create awareness and can properly execute your activities.

Our training programs

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For clients

A suiting learning and developing trajectory for your organisation

We offer your organisation customized solutions. Although law regulation is shared, every organisation is unique with their own wishes and focus points. Do you want to take your employees individual, at department level or per team to the next level through training, coaching and mentoring? During an intake interview we discuss what the wishes and needs are and find you a suitable learn and develop trajectory. We fulfil your needs with a training at the right level and contribute to a further development of your employees.

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For professionals

Learning and developing at your level

Are you a starter in the field of Customer Due Diligence or are you already working in this field and searching for more in-depth knowledge? Then, our learning and developing trajectories are suitable for you! During our learning and developing trajectories you learn what you need to know and how you can apply this knowledge in your daily work, at your own level. Do you feel the need for additional coaching or deepening after following one of our trainings? Then, contact us for advice without obligations.

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Are you as enthusiastic as we are?

Are you as a professional interested in a training program or do you need a customized solution for your organisation? Or are there other questions about our training programs?

Contact Kaylee Alblas for advice without any obligations.


Kaylee Alblas
Coordinator Learning & Development

What others say about our training programs

We are not the only ones that are enthusiastic about our trainings. The people who we do this for, our participants, are also very enthusiastic. Their experiences mean the world to us but could also help you to decide!

Participants rate our training programs with an average of:


“The trainer took his time to explain the material. He used social media and papers to discuss recent examples of CDD. He discussed the material in an interactive way and motivated his participants.”
“It was a content qualitative training with lots of interesting topics. Because of the hands-on examples the material became meaningful.”
“I have gained more knowledge than I expected.”
“I feel like this training is a good basis for people who really want to switch to CDD.”


Do you have questions about our Academy?

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