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What is secondment?

Secondment means to be employed at ICP as an interim professional and to be deployed at different clients at temporary projects. In this way, you will gain lots of experience in a short period of time at different organisations and ICP will be your ‘home base’. We support and facilitate you with your personal and professional development and challenge you to get the best out of yourself. Want to know more? Visit working as an interim professional.

Is secondment suitable for me?

Secondment means flexibility, entrepreneurial spirit, development and variety. Some assignments take a bit longer than others and one organisation might be more appealing to you than the other. This is not a problem for you as you adapt easily to different situations. You are needed at every organisation where you work, and your help and expertise are very welcomed. When your assignment is finished, you’ll leave with a big smile on your face and ready for your next adventure. We cannot predict for you if and for how long a career as interim professional is suitable for you. What we can do is accompany and facilitate you in the many benefits secondment can offer you. Visit working as an interim professional for more information.


What is the difference between secondment and sending out?

Secondment is often compared with sending out but there are important differences. A secondment agency ­is focused on a long-term work relationship while an employment agency is often focused on short term contracts. Want to know more about the differences? Visit working as an interim professional for more information.

What is the duration of a secondment contract?

The duration of a secondment contract depends on what you have agreed upon with us. This is often a contract for a year with a month of probationary period, but other durations are also possible.

What happens when I temporarily do not have an assignment?

Luckily, it barely happens that there is no assignment available that suits you, but it can happen. In this case, you will spend time working on your personal development and discuss together with your field manager which activities, training programs or cases you can work on. You do not have to worry about your wage. You will receive your wage during the period we are in search of a new assignment for you.


Who can follow your training programs?

Our Academy is meant for everyone who wants to develop within the field of KYC. We are specialists with experienced trainers who have many years of experience in the field. Are you interested in our training programs? Visit our Academy for more information.

When is the starting date of the training program I want to follow?

Most training programs that are digitally offered can be followed at any moment. Booking and planning is very easy within our Academy. The starting date for practice-centred (classical) training programs or customized programs is dependent on the registrations. It is also possible that we plan an in-company trajectory when a lot of participants come from the same organisation. A customized training program is always possible, and we can always discuss the possibilities. Want to know more? Visit our Academy or contact us.

Where do the training programs take place?

We offer online as well as classical training programs. In addition, we offer coaching on the job. The online training programs can be followed anywhere. For specific classical practice training programs, we offer different dates at different locations in the country to choose from. Visit our training programs or contact us.

For professionals

What is the application process?

If you are interested in starting to work at ICP you can contact us in different ways. You can apply to a job application on this website or contact us via mail or phone. It is also possible that one of our enthusiastic Talent Sourcers finds you! After an introductory meeting there can follow a second meeting. When we are both enthusiastic you will receive an employment proposal.

When can I expect an answer to my application?

We are always looking for new colleagues who want to develop and contribute to our mission. When you send us your application, we will get back to you in 24 hours.

What is a Field Manager?

A Field Manager can be seen as a personal agent. He or she will guide you in your personal and professional development and is responsible for the human resources cycle. A Field Manager has contact with the client about the progress and your assignment. You can discuss your personal development and make plans for the future with your personal Field Manager.

Is a training budget available?

We think training and development are very important. That is why we offer our professionals a substantial training budget every year. This budget can be spent at the Intern Ontwikkelhuis (Internal Development House). Besides, we have our own ICP Academy wherein our experienced trainers train our intern colleagues as well as extern participants. We also structurally organise peer-to-peer sessions, workshops and readings. Participation for these activities is completely free for our employees.

I would like to apply for a job at your headquarters. How can I apply?

We are excited to welcome you as our new colleague! For our opportunities, visit intern jobs or contact us for a possible open application.

For clients

What services do you offer?

We offer integral service. This means that our services can be used separately but can also be combined. We offer interim solutions, consultancy, training and remote solutions. Want to know more or are you in search of a customized solution? Do not hesitate to contact us!

What is your method?

Together we discuss the wishes and needs and offer the most suitable solution. Sometimes, this means the deployment of an interim professional or preparing a learning trajectory. Other times, it means that we independently analyse your intern policy or outsourcing certain processes (remote). Do you need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Why would I choose secondment?

In a dynamic sector it is important that you can react to certain capacity needs. You can easily do this with secondment; a form of flexible work wherein the interim professional or consultant works for ICP and is hired by you for a fixed price and duration decided beforehand (with possible extension). With your capacity needs in mind, we match you with the most suitable professional and plan an intake interview. When we have a match, we will record the contractual agreements and plan a starting date. Secondment is perfect for organisations that are temporary in need of experts with securing flexibility and quality. Are you interested in a secondment solution? Visit interim solutions for more information.

What is a remote solution?

A remote solution is a solution where certain activities are outsourced. These activities will be executed remotely by one (or more) of our interim professionals. Of course, we consider the privacy guidelines and focused follow-up to you as a client. Want to know more? Visit remote solutions for more information.

International Compliance Partners Belgium

I live in Belgium. Is it possible to apply for a job as interim professional?

That is possible, considering the law regulation of the country you will work in (The Netherlands or Belgium). Depending on your residence and job location preferences we need to organise certain things. Think of A1 statements, Limosa declaration and employment conditions. Visit ICP Belgium for more information.

My organisation is located in Belgium. Is it possible for me to make use of your services?

Yes, we offer the same service for organisations in Belgium as in The Netherlands. We most certainly consider the applicable laws and regulations. Visit ICP Belgium for more information.

What should I pay attention to if I as a Belgian entrepreneur want to make use of your services?

Whenever one of our interim professionals will be deployed at your organisation, we make sure that law and regulation and working conditions are taken care of. Visit ICP Belgium for more information.

Is it possible for me as a Dutch interim professional to be deployed in Belgium?

Sure! When you are starting to work in Belgium, we will consider the Belgian law and regulation of secondment. Visit ICP Belgium for more information.